Feed for Horses Energys®

Ing. Darina Havlíčková

ENERGYS® feed has been one of the best-known brands of horse feed on the Czech market since 2002.  The manufacturer is De Heus a.s., a Czech subsidiary of a Dutch family company. ENERGYS® feed has been produced in Běstovice (close to Choceň), east Bohemia, since it was founded.  A new owner, the De Heus global feed group, arrived in 2009 with a new design, marketing and modern production equipment. The SUPERBRANDS 2020 award, granted by independent professionals, showed the quality of their work. The reason for the award is the very transparent and simple design; the individual feeds are easily recognizable and transparent for customers. Specialist nutritional service, which the company provides to its clients free of charge, is linked to this benefit.

ENERGYS® horse feeds have three basic product ranges:

  • BASE – basic pellet feeds
  • PREMIUM – premium feeds in muesli form
  • NATURE – natural feeds and feed ingredients

The ENERGYS® BASE series

has five types of pellet feeds – the feeds are in pellets with a size of 8 mm (Relax and Standard) and 4 mm (Pony, Baby and Extra) and do not contain oats.  You can use these feeds to assemble a basic feed dosage for all categories of breeding and sports horses at very favourable prices. The feeds can be combined with own oats and with each other, which leads to an endless combination of feed dosages for each horse. Following an agreement with a feed specialist, this range of feeds can be freely combined with the PREMIUM and NATURE ranges.



has four types of feed in muesli form – two feeds do not contain oats (Coldmix and Fiber) and two contain oats (Dynamix and Herbic).  Fiber feed has a higher content of cut vegetable matter and Herbic feed contains a herbal complex so that horses can breathe and digest better. The benefit of feeds in muesli form is their greater structural diversity, which forces horses to chew more and improves their digestion.  Following an agreement with a feed specialist, this series can be freely combined with the BASE and NATURE series.



has five feeds – Vojtěška (alfalfa), Cukrovkové řízky (sugar beet pulp silage), Sladový květ (malt sprouts), Corn Flakes and Omega – and one feed supplement – Mineral – that are suitable for making creative feed dosages and mashes.  These feeds should be combined with a feed from the BASE series, so that the dosage is balanced in terms of trace elements.

ENERGYS® feeds are, thanks to the variety of their range, almost a treat for horse owners who want to create feed dosages for their horse in accordance with its specific needs. Feed and nutrition specialists from De Heus can help you assemble an ENERGYS® feed dosage for any horse.

We can feed both breeding horses and sports horses at all workloads, naturally as well as horses for hobby riders and riding schools. We feed the horses of owners with special breeds, as well as various riding disciplines, small-scale breeders and large stud farms. We have a wealth of almost 20 years of experience with horses and our work is our hobby.

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