Ing. Darina Havlíčková

Energys® OMEGA GOLD: Extruded flax with spirulina

Energys® OMEGA GOLD feed from the premium Energys® range is a unique combination with the benefits of two exceptional nutritional supplements: flax seed and fresh-water spirulina algae.

This unique food supplement is a general purpose feed for all categories of horse. Our customers can feed it if they need to ensure first-rate recovery of their sports horses, support the health of their hobby or older horses, or provide the required minerals and trace elements to breeding stock and growing animals.

Energys® OMEGA GOLD maintains a horse’s digestive system and acts as a prebiotic (i.e. it creates suitable conditions for the growth and development of lactic acid-fermenting bacteria and for other microorganisms that are beneficial to the gut), it promotes muscle growth and detoxifies by removing undesirable compounds from the body (e.g. heavy metals) and (Fe, Se, group B vitamins, carotenoids, etc.)


This innovated product from the Energys® premium range of feeds has very simple ingredients.

Energys® OMEGA GOLD mainly contains extruded flax seed, which is well-known for having many excellent qualities, such as supporting the immune system and anti-oxidant effects due to the correct ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 UFA. Flax seed also has a slight laxative effect and a high soluble fibre content, which means that it has been an excellent tool for maintaining the correct function of the gut and entire digestive system in horses for many years. It cleans the intestinal mucous membranes and promotes the passage of partially digested food, prevents constipation colic and supplies high-quality trace elements (Se, Zn, etc.) for problem-free seasonal hair shedding. It is also used extensively as an ingredient in pre-foaling mashes, which make foaling easier by “cleaning out” the birth canal.

Extruding the flaxseed eliminates its only disadvantage, the alkaloid linamarin, a metabolite of which is hydrogen cyanide, which can be toxic in large amounts. This dangerous compound is deactivated by any type of thermal processing (boiling, steaming, extrusion, etc.)

The second precious ingredient in Omega Gold is the green fresh-water algae called spirulina. Its indisputable advantage is that it contains very high-quality protein (which contains most of the essential amino-acids that are the building blocks for muscle) and a diverse range of easily absorbed micro-nutrients (trace elements and vitamins, e.g. Fe, Se,   group B vitamins, carotenoids, etc.) Like flaxseed, spirulina also contains Omega 3 UFA (particularly the irreplaceable and beneficial linoleic acid). Spirulina also contains the polysaccharide spirulin, which has antiviral effects, and c-phycocyanin, which has anti-inflammatory qualities.

Energys® Omega Gold is therefore truly the jewel in the crown of the premium Energys® range of feed and can be of great benefit to everyone who feeds it to their horses.

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