Ing. Darina Havlíčková

The ENERGYS® PONY feed mixture was created on the basis of the requirements of our customers - owners of small and rustic breeds of horse and pony. The great advantage of this feed is the increased concentration of trace elements per kg of feed mixture.  This is why ENERGYS® PONY can be fed in small amounts. This mixture can be used to avoid overfeeding carbohydrates to horses prone to laminitis. This feed is particularly suitable for small breeds of horse (mini-horse, Shetland pony, etc.) and also for rustic breeds and horses who are able to utilise pasture very well (Hucul, Haflinger, etc.) and their crosses. These small hardy horses have a high capacity for use of pasture and find concentrated feed mixtures rich in carbohydrates and proteins hard to tolerate. They are usually in very good condition with a tendency towards gaining weight, but their feed ration is usually imbalanced with regard to minerals and vitamins due to the extensive method of keeping them.

And ENERGYS® PONY feed is capable of providing these important nutrients, without disrupting the horse’s metabolism or promoting weight gain. The feed is also suitable for pregnant mares in good condition, who do not require concentrated feed. It can also be used to feed horses who are convalescing. Along with additional sugar beet pulp, and possibly lucerne, we can create a safe feed ration for horses who are sick or have had surgery or veterinary intervention and have restricted movement. PONY, with its increased content of flax seed, which contains omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fatty acids, also naturally promotes horse immunity and health.

ENERGYS® PONY from the ENERGYS® range of feeds is a special, safe mineral and vitamin supplement for all categories of horse. Its low rationing has made it one of the most economic feeds for breeding and hobby horses.

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