Ing. Darina Havlíčková

ENERGYS® STANDARD feed mixture is most suitable for horses with a moderate workload. Particularly for horses who compete on the lower and medium levels of showjumping and dressage events. This feed is a more sporting type, it contains the highest proportion of molasses out of all the feeds from this range. This ingredient is a source of energy, particularly quickly utilised carbohydrates. It can be fed to horses competing in or training for showjumping, dressage, carriage and versatility events. It can also be fed to calm and balanced hobby horses who work regularly, without any problems. It is more suited for feeding placid horses, who require motivation to “go forward”, it supplies the required vigour and energy. In this case the feed ration should also be supplemented with oats. Oats should not be given to more highly-strung horses, who should be fed Corn Flakes. This combination has been proven very beneficial by many competition stables.

STANDARD is also suitable for mares in the last third of pregnancy and during the first weeks of lactation. It adds the required trace elements to the mare’s feed ration and also provides energy for milk production. Towards the end of pregnancy, the mare can be fed half a ration of ENERGYS® RELAX and half a ration of STANDARD and after giving birth the mare can be gradually moved to a feed ration of just STANDARD.

ENERGYS® STANDARD is the best-selling feed from the ENERGYS range. Most of our long-standing customers, who are also competition riders, have been feeding it regularly for several years with good results.

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