Ing. Darina Havlíčková

EXTRA supplementary feed pellets are specially created for competition horses. The combination of energy from carbohydrates (fast energy) and energy from oils (stored and regeneration energy) makes this feed a reliable element of the feed ration for competition horses. This mixture is specially created for horses with high and regular workloads. It can be fed to horses with higher workloads and to horses used for all types of sporting event. It is very popular and has been tested extensively for feeding thoroughbred racehorses and harness racehorses, and we also produce a version with pellets of a diameter of 4 mm because these are accepted more willingly.  This mixture is produced in pellets of a diameter of 8 mm as standard. Owners feed this larger pellet version mainly to their warmblood horses competing in horse-jumping, dressage and eventing. A combination of EXTRA pellets with crushed oats is ideal if the temperament of the horse allows.

With regard to the high corn content this feed is very suitable for competition reining horses. Most imported horses used for western sports utilise corn very well.

This mixture can also be fed in combination with Energys RELAX to more lively competition horses, who need to concentrate on their performance. A nutritional system, which is gentle on the horse and respects its delicate digestion and high workload can be created in this way by agreement with the company nutritional expert. This feed calms horses and supports the condition of working horse significantly.

EXTRA feed is the first choice for competition and racehorses from the entire ENERGYS ® range of feed for horses. Sale of this feed increases substantially during the sporting season and references from our long-standing customers confirm our intentions.

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