Ing. Darina Havlíčková

The ENERGYS® RELAX feed mixture is the most suitable for horses with a low workload and also for school and hobby horses. This feed is more of a condition maintaining type, it contains less molasses and carbohydrates. It does not contain any ingredients to support a horse with increased energy needs, so it is not suitable for horses with a lower, but regular workload, for instance trail and trekking horses. The feed ration for these horses should be supplemented with ENERGYS® ENDURO feed in order to ensure that the horse has sufficient nutrients to promote regeneration following sustained performance. RELAX is also suitable for mares during the first two thirds of pregnancy. We recommend that it usually be fed in combination with crushed oats, if the temperament and health of the horse allows. More highly-strung horses, such as English thoroughbreds ridden as hobby horses, can be fed RELAX as their only feed, or with added soaked sugar beet pulp. This feed has also been proven very appropriate as the sole feed for imported Quarter horses, Paint horses, Appaloosas and their crosses. It can also be fed to highly-strung competition horses, particularly show-jumpers, in combination with ENERGYS® EXTRA. This feed ration assures that the horse is very easily handled and also promotes full regeneration of the organism following competition.

ENERGYS RELAX has become one of the most popular feeds from the ENERGYS range.  Its safety and easy rationing has made it one of the best-selling feeds for hobby horses on the market.

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