Ing. Darina Havlíčková

BABY feed is absolutely unique and irreplaceable by any other feed from the ENERGYS range. Its recipe was created for foals and young horses specifically.

This feed is pelleted with a pellet diameter of 4 mm.

The high protein content of BABY feed meets the requirement for this nutrient by foals and young horses and supports their intensive growth and development On the contrary, the increased protein content is not desirable when feeding adult horses (the only exception being mares in the late stages of pregnancy in poor nutritional health and stud stallions during breeding season when used for natural covering, where BABY can be used in exceptional cases and by agreement with a nutritional expert). The growing muscles, organ systems, skin and skeleton of young horses require a very concentrated feed with a high content of trace elements, made from high-quality ingredients - and BABY is just such a feed.

We recommend that you add oats to BABY feed (if possible fresh crushed oats until the young horses have their permanent teeth), which ensures that the digestive tract mucous membrane of young horses and foals develops correctly and they earn to chew their grain feed properly. Simply mixing BABY feed with oats ensures not only development of the intestinal wall and mucous membrane papilla in the small intestine, but also increases the digestibility of the accepted feed.

BABY feed can be fed to healthy nursing foals as a complementary food from 3 months of age. Even such young foals are always fed away from their mothers. Feeding BABY feed by the hand is also good practice to get the foal gradually used to human contact in the form of a game. Orphaned foals can be fed moistened BABY feed in small amounts from 14 days after birth, but mare’s or other processed mammal milk or dried milk substitute must be added. BABY feed is not a complete substitute for mare’s milk during the first 3 months of the foal’s life.

If the mare has enough milk and the foal is thriving, it can be given complementary feed about a month before weaning and continue to be provided this feed during weaning. This makes a difficult phase of life, which weaning certainly is, much easier for the foal. The BABY feed, which the foal accepted with milk and grass in the pasture, will keep it in good condition and assure its normal development without stress-related loss of live weight during the weaning period. BABY is an excellent starter for a foal’s first winter in a breeding facility. We have had BABY tested by small-scale horse breeders and by large studs and rearing facilities, with good results.

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