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Energys® COLDMIX


Energys® COLDMIX feed is primarily intended for moderately active sports and leisure horses. COLDMIX does not contain oats, so it can also be fed to fidgety and excitable horses.

Energys Coldmix is a good choice for horses with regular moderate activity. It can be fed to leisure and sports horses. It is particularly suitable for horses that are picky eaters and are hard to keep in good condition, or have a tendency to lose weight after work or competitions. Coldmix is particularly suited to keeping more excitable and high-strung horses in good condition.

Coldmix muesli contains a mixture of heat-processed grains ....such as young wheat, corn and rye. Some grains are processed by puffing, i.e. a rapid increase in temperature in an expander increases the surface area and digestibility of the grain, because it breaks down the chains of polysaccharides (starches). The Coldmix recipe also includes alfalfa, which adds structural fibre and protein. It only contains this ingredient in smaller quantities however, because Coldmix is a feed with a lower protein content and higher starch content.

Coldmix does not contain oats, which can “heat the blood” of some horses, who then become harder to control and unable to concentrate on their performance during competition or training. The starches in oats break down faster than starches in other grains and the glucose molecules enter the blood immediately, which may excite some horses. The protein avenin, which oats contain, is probably also one of the reasons why horses who are fed oats are more excitable.

Carob or St. Johns Bread is an important and interesting ingredient of Coldmix. The carob pod is borne on the Locust Tree, which is grown extensively throughout the Mediterranean. This pod contains a large amount of high-quality fibre and has a pleasant sweet flavour. It a suitable way to vary a horses feed and is sometimes given separately as a feed supplement to picky horses. The pods are crushed and added to the feed as they are. You can recognize them in the mix as small brown, very sweet flakes. Carob is a healthy flavouring, with a higher protein and fibre content and practically no fat. Its composition prevents swings in blood sugar. Carob contains a significant amount of essential amino-acids, vitamins A and D and also group B vitamins. Carob also contains trace elements, a large amount of iron, magnesium and calcium, which is why it is also suitable for excitable and lively horses, who find it harder to maintain their condition because they are high-strung or very sensitive to changes.

Coldmix is suitable for feeding to horses who work regularly, because the higher grain content could cause some horses to gain weight or suffer from swelling in their legs. It can also be fed to sports horses without any issues. It contains sufficient vitamins and trace elements to cover moderate sports activity. Energys Omega or Energys Omega Gold, or your choice of vegetable oil, can be added for more active horses. Coldmix is also suitable in combination with Pony pellets and sugar-beet for older horses who are still working or enjoy regular activity. It is also suitable for feeding picky eaters, the sweet carob flavours the feed and the neutral aroma of the grains does not irritate the horse.

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