Ing. Darina Havlíčková

Energys® MASH

Pellets, muesli

MASH muesli is a new feed in the Energys® range of feeds and is part of the PREMIUM range.

This feed originated on the basis of our customers’ requirements, because they wanted a feed in the form of a complete MASH for their horses, so that they did not have to mix moistened feed rations from multiple ingredients. In cooperation with veterinarians from the feed production facility in Heřmanův Městec and our foreign partner, we were able to develop an interesting recipe, which is unique on the Czech feed market. It contains unusual feeds and ingredients, which make easier for older and ill horses, who have problems with their teeth, to comfortably consume feed, which will keep them in good condition. MASH also helps horses who are convalescing and who have had surgery of the digestive tract, to gradually start eating other feed. It will support them while they are unable to eat their normal feed ration for various reasons (age or health).

Energys® MASH is also suitable for horses who have had surgery of the digestive tract. It does not contain grains so it is also suitable for horses suffering from metabolic syndrome (IR, Cushing syndrome, Tying Up, etc.) and who cannot eat feeds with a higher saccharide content. MASH can also be fed to sports and leisure horses to vary their feed ration, or during multi-day competitions. After eating feed in the form of a mash, the horse always recovers more easily and these feeds keep its digestive system in good condition, even with high workloads.

Energys® MASH has a high fibre-content (it contains wheat bran, dehydrated alfalfa, apple pressings, sugar-beet pulp and Timothy hay), which is why it needs to be soaked. Simply soak the MASH in tepid water (not hot - this would destroy the probiotics and vitamins) at a ratio of 1.5 to 2 parts water to 1 part MASH, for 30 minutes before feeding. When the mixture has the same structure as moist peat, and all the pellets have been dissolved, it can be fed to the horse.

As well as other interesting ingredients, it also contains Sainfon - which is a supplement containing legume fibre, which has a high tannin content and acts against parasites in the digestive system. This ingredient also contains very high-quality fibre and starches and a large amount of protein. Sainfon has been verified as increasing saliva production in horses. The saliva coats the food and the soda contained in the saliva partially neutralises the gastric acids. This abundance of saliva also prevents the presence and origin of stomach ulcers in horses. The high percentage of flaxseed in MASH provides sufficient UFA, particularly Omega 3 and 6, and mucilage, which allows the smooth passage of chyme through the horse’s digestive system. This is particularly important for horses who stand for long periods following surgery, injury or colic.

Organic and inorganic minerals and trace elements are also important elements of the MASH. These essential components of the feed ration ensure that the horse receives a balanced feed ration and promote basic life function and immunity. The MASH ensures high-quality digestion of fibre thanks to the contained prebiotics (mannan oligoaccharides,  pectin fibre from sugar-beet pulp and apple pressings, YEA SACC yeast), which promote development of the intestinal microflora in sports horses who are being treated or are subject to enormous workloads.

Thanks to Energys® MASH feed we have improved our range of products to help horses who are handicapped in some way to consume standard feed. MASH benefits all horses regardless during the winter months when there is no opportunity to graze.

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