What customers say

Jiří Skřivan, jump rider and trainer

With Energys I have over ten years of experience. I feed them to our sports, school and breeding horses, and I have never had the problem in adapting them to the individual needs of each animal. I participated even in the development of some of them, and I gave manufacturers a feedback from a professional rider's point of view. After years of collaboration, I can safely say that Energys feeds can be expected to have the highest quality and professional customer service.

Jiří Skřivan, jump rider and trainer

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Hana Vašáryová, rider and trainer

I have been training 25 dressage horses, each of which has different needs. Earlier after the demanding season, they very often lost their weight. After consulting the Energys team of nutritionists, it helped me to solve the problem and forced me to change to these feeds. Thanks to a wide range of feeds and feed supplements, I can make every horse a tailored feed ration. Last year I participated in the World Cup Dressage and I travelled with horses thousands of kilometres. Even after difficult trips and exhausting races they remained fresh and full of strength. This is clear evidence that Energys is the best solution of my horses.

Hana Vašáryová, rider and trainer


Roman Zimmermann, representative of the Czech Republic in reining, Zalešany

With Energys feeds we have an excellent experience in our American Quarter breeding for over twelve years. It is an excellent balanced feed being highly loved by our horses. In the stable we have horses of all ages and varying degrees of load. From foals and young horses, through sports and recreational horses to horses retired. Thanks to wide Energys assortment we always have "tailored feeding" available for them. To feed horses with Energys feeds is very simple and, what is more important, it works. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to have healthy and well fit horses because Energys feeds contributes to it to a great degree.

Roman Zimmermann, representative of the Czech Republic in reining


Jiří Hruška, showjumping rider, Opava

I have used Energys feeds for my horses as a supplement to the feed ration made from my own cereals and hay. We have mainly derived benefit from this muesli brand in particular to maintain fitness of sports horses during summer riding season; we use oat-free pellets in feed rations for young horses where we need to obtain their better concentration. In this respect, we have a very good experience with Energys feeds. Their supply and assortment is very wide and so we can meet the demands of horses in varying degrees of load.

Jiří Hruška, showjumping rider


Lukáš Létal, representative of the Czech Republic in universality, Bříšťany

Universality is a very challenging equestrian discipline for horses. therefore proper horse nutrition is especially demanded. Thanks to Energys feeds, which we have been using for nearly 10 years, we've always kept the horse in excellent condition throughout the racing season. The Energys, however, are not only simple horse feeds, but also a professional team that always gives us a great deal of advice on the nutrition of our horses. For example, my mare called Innocent, which we managed to keep in excellent condition throughout her career. A big thank you goes to the entire Běstovice team.

Lukáš Létal, representative of the Czech Republic in universality